Visionic online property BeforeClick

We have introduced two new properties for any shape on Visionic online. These are called “Before click” and “Before parameter”.

Simply put, you can instruct Visionic to show you MessageBox with Ok/Cancel buttons and give user a chance to abort the action. This is usual security when having buttons that execute macros: it is usual / recommended to ask the user’s confirmation before excuting the action.

The “BeforeClick” can have these values:

  • DoNothing – no warning message

  • PresentWithYesNo – presents message box with Yes/No Ok/Cancel buttons

  • PresentAndAbort – The action will be aborted (not executed) for users who are not administrators of the project

  • ExecCustomCode – executes JavaScript code (JS code is in “Before parameter”). If function returns True, the action is continued; otherwise the action is aborted.

Happy coding!