Visionic 5 renamed to Visionic online

Intorel’s latest product, Visionic 5 has been renamed to Visionic Online.

Just to remind you, Visionic 5 is introduced in January this year, as a revolutionary solution, that redefined the boundaries of M&C software.

One of its major advantages is possibility to use Visionic system online. This led to immense flexibility in terms of using the system anytime, anyplace.  

The reasons for this decision lie in Intorel customers. As reported, they are more than happy with Visionic 4.x version and most of them do not see a motive for additional product enhancements and upgrades.

However, others seem to enjoy the possibility to use the system online.

In order to meet the wishes of both parties, Intorel decided to keep the Visionic system as it was before Visionic 5, and to launch the new product – Visionic Online, intended to be used online.