Important note concerning Microsoft Office (Visio) 2010 64bit

Visionic is a 32 bit application, which means that it will not work properly with Microsoft Office 2010 64 bit (Visio 2010 64 bit).

If you install Visio 2010 64bit on your machine, the installation of Visionic5.exe will not succeed for Visionic Designer part, and Visionic add-Ins menu will not be installed in Visio 2010 64bit. This situation is displayed hereunder.


If you check the Visionic Switchboard, you will see that the Design tab remains enabled (grey) as shown below.


 In Visio 2010, you will not be able to open a Visionic template (and consequently to create a new Visionic project) and Add-Ins Visionic menu will not be installed in Visio.


You will find on next figure the correct list of software components, installed with preinstalled Visio 2010 32bit.


If you cannot see Visionic Add-Ins menu in Visio and/or if you cannot find Visionic Designer software component installed in the Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features, please:

1.       uninstall Visionic 5 (all installed Visionic components)

2.       uninstall Microsoft Office 64bit (or Visio 2010 64bit component only)

3.       reinstall Microsoft Office 2010 32bit (or Visio 2010 32bit component only)

4.       reinstall Visionic 5.