Visionic Carrier Monitoring

Intorel engineers have been working hard these days. And it paid off – they came up with a new solution … .

It is rich in features, easy to install and extremely convenient to use.

Visionic Carrier Monitoring is a simple, automated TV/ Radio / other channels monitoring solution. This solution is designed for broadcasting, satellite and other telecom operators that require a reliable and rich in features carrier monitoring system.

Visionic Carrier Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of signal carriers in order to ensure highest quality standards, improves the capability of satellite providers/telecom companies to react promptly and effectively to anomaly events and provides assistance in solving problems.

One of the most attractive features of this solution is the fact that it automatically measures the relevant data and makes them transparent to the user in various forms, such as webpage reports, cvs files and other.

It supports a wide range of monitoring equipment like spectrum analyzers, down converters, switching units and similar.

The architecture and functionality is carefully optimized to support the operators in their daily tasks, thus simplifying the process learning how to use it.

Visionic Carrier Monitoring System can be deployed as a turnkey solution or modified to fit particular needs. More information can be found here.