Visionic 5.1: Better Visionic experience

Intorel is announcing the latest version of its industry standard software for monitoring and controlling systems: Visionic 5.1.

We have improved installation process in Visionic 5.1 and removed setup dependency on .NET framework 3.5, as to answer clients demanding Visionic to run on .NET Framework 2.0.
Sending server message to reload client project and propagating these changes to remote clients is automated in Visionic 5.1.

At the same time, we have answered the challenge of importing the projects on server when they are titled the same as the existing ones.

Also, we have integrated Help file within the software, and we are making sure that our online version of help ( is always present and updated regularly.

Visionic 5.1 is designed to provide integration of all your subsystems into a single, convenient solution. From there, you can detect, connect and operate your remote or in-house equipment in any way you can possibly imagine.

Since 2002, when Intorel launched the first version of Visionic, the product has been carefully revised and improved, as to become what it is today – industry standard, proven by hundreds of systems and recommended by the most distinguished companies around the world.

Visionic is designed to be used by any industrial monitoring, controlling and automating application that requires reliability, automation and advanced features. In particular,

Visionic products have been used for: DVB-S/S2 Satellite Uplink Stations, VSAT Systems, TVRO Systems, Fixed and Mobile Microwave Links, DSNG Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, DVB-T Encoding & Multiplexing Headends, ATM/SDH/PDH/IP TransportNetworks and IPTV Head-ends.

For more details about Visionic 5.1, please refer to our Visionic 5.1 Release Notes or take a look at