Visionic Spectrum Analyzer: IP connections and routing

Visionic Spectrum Analyzer is a client-server program. In many cases, the client can be physically far away from the server; and in such cases there are security measures such as firewalls, routers and so on, that need to be taken into account.

The goal of this text is to explain and specify which IP ports are used. This text can be used by system engineers and network administrators to allow specific ports between Visionic SA client and the server.

The Visionic Spectrum Analyzer streams the data from the instrument to all of its clients. Like most of the streaming protocols, the Visionic Spectrum Analyzer uses UDP to disseminate the trace (information from the instrument) to all its clients.

At the same time, the Spectrum Analyzer Server has one TCP/IP port opened to accept command and control instructions coming from different clients.

Please refer to the picture below where you can see the initial handshaking negotiations between Visionic Spectrum Analyzer Server and Client:


As we can see from the image above, following IP ports are used: