Visionic 5 compilation with ‘Microsoft Active Protection’

INTOREL is advising its clients on the procedure of compiling the schematic with Visionic5 on computers (XP or Windows 7) with antivirus software ‘Microsoft Active Protection’ switched on.

On a computer without an antivirus software, compiling of the schematic with Visionic5 is done in a matter of seconds.

If you are trying to execute the procedure with ‘Microsoft Active Protection’ turned on (antivirus software) the compilation will last for several minutes.

Therefore, please note and rest assured that in both cases, with or without an antivirus software on your computer, compiling the schematic with Visionic5 will be done.

Visionic5 Professional can be used with diverse equipment and hundreds of device drivers manufactured by well-known companies such as Cisco, Newtec, Andrew, Advantech, CPI, ND SatCom, Vertex, Codan, Comtech, ETL Evertz, MCL, Miteq Mitec, Peak Paradise, Radyne, Rhodes & Schwartz, Tandberg and many others.