Upgrade to Visionic 5.2

With the new Visionic 5.2, you will benefit from new upgrades and improvements – for example the fact that the device drivers are now asynchronous, which minimizes the processing time and therefore allows even bigger Visionic systems to be run on a standard hardware.

Besides, the server will not block at any operation and it also increases the availability of the server.

All the bugs of the previous Visionic versions have been corrected and you will then profit of a better and faster Visionic by upgrading to the new version, Visionic 5.2.

At Intorel, we care that our clients have the best and most user-friendly product possible.

That is why the new Open Dialog allows listing views (list, details) as well as sorting and filtering by any column in the dialog, when opening projects in Visionic 5.

It makes searching and opening the projects faster for the user.

By upgrading you will benefit of new features, as for the more than 15 new device drivers that were added in order to always keep the library up to date.

Moreover, the device drivers can now produce log files automatically.

They’re kept for user to check the debugging and runtime data of each device later on and so that he can compare the present and past operations of the devices.

Read more about the update on Visionic blog.

Follow the link for the full list of  Visionic 5.2 Release Notes.