Intorel’s COO present plans for 2013 in interview for Sat Magazine

DraganaLSat Magazine published an interview with Intorel’s Chief Operating Officer Dragana Lazic-Mijanovic. Dragana is talking about Intorel’s successes over the past year, challenges for the satellite industry in the coming year, and providing insight on upcoming projects from Intorel for 2013.

 What successes did Intorel enjoy over the past year?   

With the on-going switchover to digital transmission, Intorel’s goal was to develop a product that would answer the challenges that broadcasters are facing every day—how to insure uninterrupted, reliable transmission of the content. We answered these challenges by developing DVB Master Commander – DVBMC.

DVBMC is the ultimate cross-platform software for monitoring and controlling of DVB equipment. It is the first universal solution targeted directly toward today’s broadcasting operators.

The software runs on all platforms and comes as a complete system consisting of full network device management, service management, real-time alarming, as well as trending and scheduling functions, which are usually sold as separate products.

Long-term relationships are crucial in the ever-changing market where clients are looking more and more to cut costs by engaging the competition. Intorel take it as a success and a sign of trust that over the years the list of our long-term clients faithful to our products and services has grown bigger. We take it as an ultimate proof of the quality of our products. Long term cooperation is beneficial for both the client and the supplier. We know what clients need and want, and we can easily, and with full understanding, answer their needs.

Independent execution of the projects—In the last year we mostly executed the projects directly with the customers. We have seen many of the system integrators disappear over the last few years. Now, clients are taking over specification of the project and the project management and working directly with the manufacturers. This direct contact allows for fast and extremely efficient execution of the projects. In addition, direct contact with the customer is giving us an access to the real-time situations and enabling us to get the information that is necessary for the development of the future products fully tailored to the customers’ needs.

New markets—Intorel’s experience and expertise, quality of our products and flexibility of the execution were the main reasons which allowed us to enter new markets, such as Myanmar. With the appropriate preparation, it is possible to execute the project even on a long distance with the same quality and speed. That was a case with the uplink project that we executed in close cooperation with our local partner and the client.

What challenges did Intorel need to overcome this past year, and what challenges will the satellite industry—and specifically your market segment—face over the next few months?

Cutting costs—With the content that is more and more available on the Internet and fibre, clients are less ready to pay for the content (only sport, kids entertainment and the adult industry remain the contents that are earning money). Broadcasters are facing a rough time as their revenues are diminishing. At the same time, they are facing tough competition and ever increasing demands from their clients. For that matter, the need for the reliable automation and products that will increase reliability is obvious. Of course, our answer was DVBMC.

Cutting staff costs—It’s a challenge, as the staff should be an engine of the development of the new products and the implementation of the projects. It’s not rare that projects are late because the staff is overbooked and companies understaffed. This leaves us with more work for suppliers. The investors are blocking development, so the projects are getting longer and longer and there is no space for the development of the new advanced features and products. The staff has less time to develop proper ideas of improvement of the work process.

Purchasing managers and investors—The cutting of costs and staff is complicating the process of orders. Administration costs are growing and we do wonder if there is any merit to this additional control. No more development and research. The contact with suppliers is quite often damaged as investors are doing all in their power to cut costs, even if such extends projects, damages relationships, and at the end, makes the projects even more expensive…

What upcoming projects are in the works and what may we expect to see from Intorel over the next three to four quarters?

Intorel is working on the overhaul of its flagship monitoring and controlling software, Visionic. We will be releasing Visionic 6.0 in 2013—we also expect a lot from our DVB Master Commander.

Visionic has been in the market for more than a decade and it’s fair to say that Visionic has become an industry standard for monitoring and controlling. We are keeping our pace with the latest software and hardware developments and making the product more stable and easier to use with every upgrade. We are also planning to organize worldwide road shows to demonstrate and advertise Intorel’s products; the exact dates will be confirmed at our Company website, so please visit when such is convenient to do so.

Read the interview on Sat Magazine website.

Visionic 5: Advantages & Features

visionicpresentationVisionic 5 is a centralized system, which is easy to use and saves you time with its innovative functions and proven technology.

You can connect your complete system, from ingest, to baseband, IT, RF and the infrastructure equipment, all in one single place.

With the new function of Visionic 5, Visionic Switchboard, the complete system is started with one icon. It is the central place for all Visionic projects and where all operators’ and designers’ tasks are organized into one user interface.

You will also have access to all the shortcut icons for all Visionic tasks and frequently used features in a simple click.

In the previous Visionic versions, HASP keys were needed for the software license. With Visionic 5, you have a simpler and software-based Visionic license, therefore you don’t need HASP keys anymore and the installation is a lot faster and easier.

Another key point is that with Visionic 5, you don’t need to pay for both design and runtime license anymore, as they both became one and only license, hence you will save money and will be able to invest it in other projects.

All Visionic 5 projects are stored under a single directory with the file structure compatible with previous versions (ini_files). This organization allows easier project management and import/export operations.

Projects also now carry their own copy of the drivers, so all the changes are local and affect only the current projects.

Besides, since all the device customizations are now within the projects, they are easily and quickly transferred from one computer to another.

Another important feature is that the new Visionic 5 is still compatible with custom scripts written for Visionic 4 servers. This minimizes the overall transfer time from Visionic 4 to Visionic 5 systems.

Lastly, different types of Visionic 5 licenses are available following the specification required by your application:

Visionic Professional is the full version aimed at large telecom systems worldwide and it supports an unlimited number of devices.

The perfect solution for small and medium sized M&C systems for satellite and broadcast centers is Visionic Frontline, as it supports up to 7 devices.

Visionic VSAT is a preconfigured system for VSATs and SNGs. This license has been designed to support small systems with up to 7 devices.

Finally, Visionic Lite is designed for SNMP and MODBUS devices only.




The generation that goes one step further: Visionic 5

Latest generation of monitoring and controlling industry standard – Visionic 5 – is designed to save your time with innovative functions and proven technology while offering a centralized system that is easy to use.

Visionic 5 is used with hundreds of device drivers developed by Intorel and diverse manufacturers’ equipment such as Cisco, Newtec, ASC Signal, Rhodes & Schwartz and many others.

With Visionic 5 you can connect complete system, from ingest, to baseband, IT, RF & the infrastructure equipment, all in one single place.

No need to pay for both design & runtime license  – both became one & only license.

Many new features and updates will transform & improve experience for clients using previous versions of software.

Visionic Switchboard


  • Visionic Switchboard – complete system started with one icon
  • Central place for all Visionic projects –  operators’ & designer’s tasks organized into one single user interface.
  • Visionic 5 projects – stored under single directory with file structure compatible with previous versions (ini_files).
  • Server settings, SNMP templates, MIB files, MODBUS settings, etc.  – all within project.



  • Project’s subdirectory structure includes all settings, drivers & files required to run Visionic 5 clients/servers.
  • Visio file present on the server – system can easily be changed from the server if valid Microsoft Office installed.
  • Project transfer between design & runtime computer simplified.
  • In case of computers crash, reinstallation of complete project is easier – operator reduced to only import single file & run system as it was before.

Server Changes


  • Visionic 5 station – serves own content via web browser, allowing remote operators to access the system.
  • All alarms now created on the server.
  • New generation of device drivers – recompiled to support new features of Visionic 5 server.
  • Visionic 5 – still compatible with custom scripts written for Visionic 4 servers.
  • Logging & trending solutions incorporated into one single new version of RRDVisLogger application; fully integrated into Visionic 5 runtime.

Design Changes


  • Macro editor – new, modern user interface that shortens editing time of the macro.
  • Possibility to change MIB-imported enumerated values directly from the editor.
  • Device Driver Explorer used to customize display & runtime behavior of elements on screen.
  • Project carries own copy of drivers – all changes are local & affect only current project.

Client Changes clientchanges

  • Client behaves much more like a browser.
  • Just enter IP address & remote client program starts instantly.
  • Alarms processed on server side –   Alarm Center became lighter & faster during the work.
  • Log files stored on server & allows ultra-fast access to them.
  • New Log Viewer can filter, copy & export CSV files of all Visionic actions performed on the server.

Visionic Licenses


  • Visionic Professional – full version aimed at large telecom systems worldwide. Supports unlimited number of devices.
  • Visionic Frontline – perfect solution for small & medium sized M&C systems for satellite & broadcast centers. Supports up to 7 devices.
  • Visionic VSAT – preconfigured system for VSATs & SNGs. Supports small systems with up to 7 devices.
  • Visionic Lite  – designed for SNMP & MODBUS devices only.
  • No need for HASP keys anymore – now simpler & software-based Visionic 5 license.