The generation that goes one step further: Visionic 5

Latest generation of monitoring and controlling industry standard – Visionic 5 – is designed to save your time with innovative functions and proven technology while offering a centralized system that is easy to use.

Visionic 5 is used with hundreds of device drivers developed by Intorel and diverse manufacturers’ equipment such as Cisco, Newtec, ASC Signal, Rhodes & Schwartz and many others.

With Visionic 5 you can connect complete system, from ingest, to baseband, IT, RF & the infrastructure equipment, all in one single place.

No need to pay for both design & runtime license  – both became one & only license.

Many new features and updates will transform & improve experience for clients using previous versions of software.

Visionic Switchboard


  • Visionic Switchboard – complete system started with one icon
  • Central place for all Visionic projects –  operators’ & designer’s tasks organized into one single user interface.
  • Visionic 5 projects – stored under single directory with file structure compatible with previous versions (ini_files).
  • Server settings, SNMP templates, MIB files, MODBUS settings, etc.  – all within project.



  • Project’s subdirectory structure includes all settings, drivers & files required to run Visionic 5 clients/servers.
  • Visio file present on the server – system can easily be changed from the server if valid Microsoft Office installed.
  • Project transfer between design & runtime computer simplified.
  • In case of computers crash, reinstallation of complete project is easier – operator reduced to only import single file & run system as it was before.

Server Changes


  • Visionic 5 station – serves own content via web browser, allowing remote operators to access the system.
  • All alarms now created on the server.
  • New generation of device drivers – recompiled to support new features of Visionic 5 server.
  • Visionic 5 – still compatible with custom scripts written for Visionic 4 servers.
  • Logging & trending solutions incorporated into one single new version of RRDVisLogger application; fully integrated into Visionic 5 runtime.

Design Changes


  • Macro editor – new, modern user interface that shortens editing time of the macro.
  • Possibility to change MIB-imported enumerated values directly from the editor.
  • Device Driver Explorer used to customize display & runtime behavior of elements on screen.
  • Project carries own copy of drivers – all changes are local & affect only current project.

Client Changes clientchanges

  • Client behaves much more like a browser.
  • Just enter IP address & remote client program starts instantly.
  • Alarms processed on server side –   Alarm Center became lighter & faster during the work.
  • Log files stored on server & allows ultra-fast access to them.
  • New Log Viewer can filter, copy & export CSV files of all Visionic actions performed on the server.

Visionic Licenses


  • Visionic Professional – full version aimed at large telecom systems worldwide. Supports unlimited number of devices.
  • Visionic Frontline – perfect solution for small & medium sized M&C systems for satellite & broadcast centers. Supports up to 7 devices.
  • Visionic VSAT – preconfigured system for VSATs & SNGs. Supports small systems with up to 7 devices.
  • Visionic Lite  – designed for SNMP & MODBUS devices only.
  • No need for HASP keys anymore – now simpler & software-based Visionic 5 license.