Upgrade to Visionic 5 and get rid of HASP keys!

In order to simplify the installation and use of  Visionic licenses, from the version 5.x  we will no longer procure HASP keys as this hardware protection is replaced with the simple software based protection.

This would be just one of the reasons why we would recommend our clients to upgrade to Visionic 5.

Furthermore, Visionic 5 has a new function, Visionic Switchboard, where the complete system is started with one icon. It is the central place for all Visionic projects and where all operators’ and designers’ tasks are organized into one user interface.

In addition, both design and runtime functions are now united in one license, therefore separate design license is not needed anymore. This allows easy changes of the system and cuts the operational costs.

Visionic 5 is still compatible with custom scripts written for Visionic 4 servers, which minimizes the overall transfer time from Visionic 4 to Visionic 5 systems.

Different types of Visionic 5 licenses are available following the specification required by your application:

  • Visionic Professional, the full version aimed at large telecom systems worldwide and support for an unlimited number of devices.
  • Visionic Frontline, the perfect solution for small and medium sized M&C systems for satellite and broadcast centers, with support for up to 7 devices.
  • Visionic VSAT, a preconfigured system for VSATs and SNGs. This license has been designed to support small systems with up to 7 devices.
  • Visionic Lite, designed for SNMP and MODBUS devices only.

For more information about Visionic 5 generation, follow the link or contact us at sales@intorel.com.