Installation of Intorel’s M&C software, Visionic 5.3, on an Offshore system

Intorel was contacted by a Malaysian company which was interested in using our cutting-edge M&C Visionic products.

For more than a decade, Intorel has been developing and providing reliable and advanced monitoring and control software solutions for the satellite, broadcast and telecom industry.


Visionic has already been implemented in more than 800 systems and every project we have worked on has been different from one another,and the latest one wasn’t an exception.

It was the perfect opportunity to use state-of-the-art satellite proven technology for the maritime industry.

The client was looking for an M&C software which would help them monitor and control their remote offshore ships via their central HUB site.  They saw in Visionic the most adequate solution for their system.

The Visionic VSAT systems were used to monitor and control redundant satellite modems on each ship and the Visionic Frontline for HUB site was used to monitor and control each ship’s status and performances.

Offshore case study

It took our engineers 9 days to develop and deploy the VSAT and Frontline systems specific to the structure’s specifications, including the remote installation, via remote internet access of the central HUB and offshore sites along with the full Acceptance Test.

As the client was satisfied with the system we deployed and our engineers’ performance in executing the project, they decided to scale up their HUB site to a Visionic Professional license, allowing them to add as many ships as needed to their fleet.

This project has definitely been an added asset to our successful projects’ portfolio and it shows how scalable and flexible our Visionic software solutions are.

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