We want to know: how do you manage “bundled” proprietary software solutions?

Almost 20 years ago, Visionic started making it’s first shapes. In that time we were still in the rough times of the soldering connectors and cabling devices.
The importance was to get fast, reliable connectivity with the *devices*. Device driver protocols were free available and the hardware manufacturers were happy to share the information about their equipment.

20 years later after many mergers and acquisitions,time has come for the *solution providers* and each of them is now having their own monitoring and control system for their proper devices. The installations are getting more and more complex and each system comes with it’s *bundled* proprietary software.

Here in Intorel, we are happy to integrate any of these 3rd party solution whenever the API is available.
Unfortunately, the APIs are not easy to get. If there is no license to pay, the access to information how to to connect, can be very difficult and tiresome.

Clients are confronted with the same dilemma: use several different solutions and find well trained operators OR invest into one monitoring and control solution that will be able to communicate with any of these 3rd party software platforms and make the operations easier.

Instead of making the operation easier to our clients, it is becoming more and more difficult to manage so many different “bundled” solutions. Time spent on training and getting used to each of these solutions is getting more and more important item for the management.

We think that the complexity of all systems are asking for the tool that will allow each operator to create personalized monitoring and control solution.

Our next goal is to make Visionic ready for the new challenges of integrating different bundled solutions as we were integrating the single devices 20 years ago.

It should be simple, easy and fast to integrate and the most importantly – we will make it *human engineered*. Because each of us is different , so why should the monitoring and control systems must be always the same?

We are looking forward to talk to you about all of these issues and present you a new generation of Visionic that will be made “just for you”!