Geoeye-2 Satellite almost ready to orbit

The high-resolution Earth-imaging satellite, capable of discerning objects on the Earth’s surface as small as 0.25-meter (9.75 inch) in size, known as GeoEye-2 is almost ready to start orbiting.  


Namely, Lockheed Martin will begin the integration of the satellite by the end of the month. The integration will be followed by installation and testing of satellite components, and hopefully, the project delivery at the beginning of 2012.


According to the Bill Schuster, GeoEye’s chief operating officer, the project is ahead of schedule.


However, people from the Lockheed Martin’s Space & Technology Center where the satellite has been manufactured, are to some extent cautious, since they still have a long way to go.


According to the Allen Anderson, GeoEye-2 program director, the completion of the propulsion system installation and the start of vehicle integration is a next critical step in this project.


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It is indeed a great pleasure to invite you for a friendly gathering and a launch of our new product, Visionic 5.

It is intended to introduce you to our new software solution, and to provide an opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues from the industry.

The event is scheduled for 7:00 pm. September 11, 2011 at the meeting room of the Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel.

The hotel is situated in Amsterdam’s business district, right by the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Center:


Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel
Europaboulevard 10



Tel (+31)20/7219179

Fax (+31)20/6462823


The welcome drink and appetizers are available from 7:00 pm. and the product presentation is scheduled from 8:00 pm. to 10:00 pm.


Please confirm your presence since the number of invitations is limited.

We are looking forward to see you there.


Intorel new brochure – strike 2

Being always keen on doing things in different way, even if it is a simple change of color or design, Intorel decided to launch a new design for its latest brochure.

This time, we are going black. Some may consider it as an improvement, others might prefer the previous version, it is all up to you.

Now you can choose.

So, if you like our new, daring brochure, you will LOVE our software. It is powerful, original and definitely redefines the boundaries of M&C development.

Do not hesitate, take a look, it is available right here: intorel-portfolio-black.pdf

The new version of framework agreement

The new version of Intorel’s framework agreement is already sent to some of our clients.

The new FA is written and aimed at large corporations, such as SES and other industry giants. It is written in a formal manner, it is strictly structured, but easy to read and follow.

The aim of this document is to provide a detailed insight in support and maintenance services proposed by Intorel. Among other, it contains detailed description of Intorel hot line, e-mali support, on site consultancy and web services.

If you are curious to find out more, contact our sales department by telephone: (+352) 26 37 05 01 or e-mail:

Intorel new brochure

After a lot of work and many different versions of the document, Intorel had put up together a brand new, amazing brochure.

This brochure is perfect for people who are not keen on reading long text descriptions. In fact, most of pages do not contain more than two lines of text.

The idea was to present Intorel products the way they are: efficient, intelligent and fast. Having this in mind, this brochure will not guide you through the details of our products range; it will show you what you can DO with it.

It does not matter what line of work you are in, you WILL benefit from reading it. So, don’t be work-shy, go ahead, read it. You will find great ideas, nice pictures, and new concepts – what’s more to wish for?

The brochure can be found here: intorel-portfolio.pdf

Intorel case study to be published in the next Satellite supplement of APB

Intorel’s case study “Turnkey installation of the monitoring and control Uplink system” is going to be published in the next Satellite supplement of Asia Pacific Broadcasting.

The case study contains details about the installation of a new earth station consisted of three up/downlink stations.

The task – to integrate a considerable number of heterogeneous satellite and broadcasting devices into a single platform, was successfully completed, within a period of three weeks.

If you are anxious to find out more, the article/advertorial can be found here: p2intorel.pdf

Engineering services


Intorel engineering services provide in-depth analysis of your company’s specific requirements and tailor the Visionic system to support your local, unique policies. Thanks to the engineering expertise and years of experience Intorel team can manage the complete life cycle of monitoring and control system implementation from development and verification to the successful integration, testing and certification.

Engineering services include: 

1.     Detailed analysis of your specific requirements

2.     Integration of all your devices into a single screen

3.     Hardware provision and installation

4.     Software installation, design and customization

5.     Training services

6.     Support and maintenance

To  To find out more about Engineering services, download the brochure or visit our website:

Standard and Enterprise Maintenance Options

 Intorel has launched new maintenance support policies: Standard and Enterprise. These are aiming to take into account exclusivity of our customers and to fulfill their specific requirements.

Subscription to Standard Maintenance Policy qualifies you to use:

  • Free downloads of latest Visionic version upgrades
  • Hotline provided by Intorel
  • Unlimited online access to major improvements, implementation guide, tutorials, how-to-videos and support forum
  • Library of models
  • Privileged treatment of your software improvement requests
  • A free registration on and a free product tryout

Subscription to Enterprise Maintenance Policy upgrades you to a privileged member of Visionic user’s community and entitles you to the following services:

  • Comprehensive Support
  • Training and Services
  • Web Services

PDF brochures can be found below:



For more information about maintenance contracts, please visit or contact our sales department at




New hardware list on Intorel website

Intorel have always been fully dedicated to its customers. We have carefully tailored our corporate policies to fulfill our customer’s requirements, regardless of how special or unique they might be.

Following this philosophy, Intorel entitled each and every customer subscribed to Visionic Standard or Enterprise service of maintenance to free consultation about the necessary hardware required to run the system. In addition, Intorel will to assist and/or carry out the process of purchasing all the equipment, at no additional cost.

Hardware provision is, however, available only in combination with the Visionic software and only to the customers who are holding the valid maintenance agreement.

 The new list of hardware products is now available on Intorel website. For more information, please visit:

Visionic online new upload

The newest beta version you will easily spot by using Bureau Blue SL theme. Beside this minor tweak, there are other features in this release.

The first one is adding PageWidth and PageHeight properties to a page. These properties are used to measure / dimension the size of the dialog if the page is called as a device dialog page.

The second property that we added to the page is PageBackground. The PageBackground can be either a solid color, gradient or linear brush or image brush (not yet ironed out that one!). This gives more rich user experience and better presentation of the projects.

Finally the runtime has been updated (on the web site only!) to color code all wires and paths. The paths are now color-coded and we plan to add click-to-highlight-the-path functionality.