Visionic 5 renamed to Visionic online

Intorel’s latest product, Visionic 5 has been renamed to Visionic Online.

Just to remind you, Visionic 5 is introduced in January this year, as a revolutionary solution, that redefined the boundaries of M&C software.

One of its major advantages is possibility to use Visionic system online. This led to immense flexibility in terms of using the system anytime, anyplace.  

The reasons for this decision lie in Intorel customers. As reported, they are more than happy with Visionic 4.x version and most of them do not see a motive for additional product enhancements and upgrades.

However, others seem to enjoy the possibility to use the system online.

In order to meet the wishes of both parties, Intorel decided to keep the Visionic system as it was before Visionic 5, and to launch the new product – Visionic Online, intended to be used online.

Visionic online property BeforeClick

We have introduced two new properties for any shape on Visionic online. These are called “Before click” and “Before parameter”.

Simply put, you can instruct Visionic to show you MessageBox with Ok/Cancel buttons and give user a chance to abort the action. This is usual security when having buttons that execute macros: it is usual / recommended to ask the user’s confirmation before excuting the action.

The “BeforeClick” can have these values:

  • DoNothing – no warning message

  • PresentWithYesNo – presents message box with Yes/No Ok/Cancel buttons

  • PresentAndAbort – The action will be aborted (not executed) for users who are not administrators of the project

  • ExecCustomCode – executes JavaScript code (JS code is in “Before parameter”). If function returns True, the action is continued; otherwise the action is aborted.

Happy coding!

SNG Station – new Visionic online example

SNG Station Example Project

The SNG Station project is a new Visionic online project for a typical SNG vehicle. The monitoring and controlling system includes:

1.      SNG encoder / modulator

2.      Upconverter

3.      Software-based redundant HPA subsystem

4.      EIRP display

The project can be viewed from:

Or you can chose it as a project template when creating a new project.

Points of interest

The EIRP display is configured to show the output power, in dBW, depending on the switch position. The EIRP display is bound to the following Javascript expression:

function e() { 

var swPos = (+jsVisApp.SwitchPosition(“SW1”)); 

var power = 0.0; 

if (swPos == 1) {   

power = (+jsVisApp.Value(“AMP1”)); 

} else if (swPos == 2) {   

power = (+jsVisApp.Value(“AMP2”)); 

} else {   

power = 0.0; 


if (power <= 0.0)   

return 0.0; 


return 10 * (Math.log(power) / Math.log(10.0));



The JavaScript object jsVisApp is defined for use in JavaScript extensions. It uses functions from the Silverlight client in the browser and it is automatically included in the Visionic client HTML page. The definition of the jsVisApp is as follows (you cannot change this definition; it is for information purposes only):

var jsVisApp = {

    VisionicApp: document.getElementById(“slRuntimeObject”),

    Shape: function (shapeName) {

        return SLPlugin.Content.VisApp.Document.ActivePage.FindFirstShape(shapeName);


    ShapeText: function (shapeName) {

        return this.Shape(shapeName).FPUserText;


    SwitchPosition: function (swName) { return this.Shape(swName).GetPropValue(‘Position’, 0); },

    Value: function (shapeName, lineNum) {

        if ((lineNum == ‘undefined’) || (lineNum == null))

            lineNum = 0;

        var text = this.ShapeText(shapeName);

        if ((text == null) || (text == ))

            return 0.0;

        try {

            var pattern = /:([\S]+)/mg;

            var match = text.match(pattern);

            return (match[lineNum]).substr(1);

        } catch (e) {


        return 0.0;



The function Value(ShapeName, LineNum) returns the text line of the shape. The parameter LineNum is the line number of the text : 0 for the first line and so on.

Changing power

On the user interface you will find two hyperlink buttons: + power and –power. These buttons call IncHpaPower and DecHpaPower macors respecteviley. These macros increase or decrease the power of whatever HPA is currently connected to the antenna output.


Intorel launched a new edition of Visionic Professional, Visionic online; a brand new Internet based M&C solution for satellite, broadcasting or any other telecom system.

Among its many novelties, Visionic online offers an Internet based GUI designed to be flexible, easy to use and to reduce time and money investments to the minimum.

Visionic Professional is a reliable and flexible, cost effective, M&C platform, already well established in the broadcasting and satellite industry. Its latest edition, Visionic online, is a revolutionary, Internet based solution developed to make a process of system design more flexible than ever, making it possible to monitor and control your telecom system both locally or over the Internet.

While inheriting all its reliability and stability from previous editions, Visionic online now introduces a variety of new features. Just to name a few, it is available online; convenient, stores your files in central repository and does not require programming experience.

As a commercial, off the shelf product, available online, at, Visionic online does not require special equipment, user training, installation time or costs.

Visionic online cooperates with heterogeneous equipment and hundreds of device drivers. It also supports a variety of interfaces, such as Serial, LAN, SNMP, Modbus, and many others.

For the first time ever, it is possible to design a system online and run it on your local network.Its intuitive GUI offers an easy way to draw design for a technical system, regardless its complexity or size.

It is available online, hence provides huge flexibility in terms of time and place required to draw the system. Once the system is designed, it can be downloaded to a local computer and executed as a real time system on a local network.

Internet connection is not required in order to use the system. In order to simplify making changes in design, demo versions and design files are kept online. Meanwhile the data itself is kept securely on the local network. This central repository allows managing all projects in one place, 24/7, from any physical location.

Beta testing is scheduled from 25th of January to 1st of September; anyone interested can take part in it by simply registering on the Visionic online website

For anyone interested, Intorel offers Visionic online Enterprise server, designed to be used in a local network environment. Aiming to promote its latest achievement Intorel invites everyone to attend the Visionic online showcase at Dubai CABSAT trade show, from February 8th to 10th.

All the participants will have a chance to find out about the new, improved performance, get up to date with the latest news and share their experiences. 

Intorel is a world leading developer of technologically innovative solutions for the broadcast & satellite industry. The company’’s Visionic solution is one of the most uniquely future-proof systems for making satellite monitoring and control, earth station control and other industrial and sat-com applications.

For further details, see  

Visionic online tutorial

Today we just made our first Visionic online tutorial!

The tutorial contains step-by-step instructions on how to build your first Visionic online system.

It has a lot of pages (screenshots) and it covers the design phase on the Internet.

We consider this to be a start for  further Visionic tutorials and help.

You can find the tutorial here