Important note concerning Microsoft Office (Visio) 2010 64bit

Visionic is a 32 bit application, which means that it will not work properly with Microsoft Office 2010 64 bit (Visio 2010 64 bit).

If you install Visio 2010 64bit on your machine, the installation of Visionic5.exe will not succeed for Visionic Designer part, and Visionic add-Ins menu will not be installed in Visio 2010 64bit. This situation is displayed hereunder.


If you check the Visionic Switchboard, you will see that the Design tab remains enabled (grey) as shown below.


 In Visio 2010, you will not be able to open a Visionic template (and consequently to create a new Visionic project) and Add-Ins Visionic menu will not be installed in Visio.


You will find on next figure the correct list of software components, installed with preinstalled Visio 2010 32bit.


If you cannot see Visionic Add-Ins menu in Visio and/or if you cannot find Visionic Designer software component installed in the Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features, please:

1.       uninstall Visionic 5 (all installed Visionic components)

2.       uninstall Microsoft Office 64bit (or Visio 2010 64bit component only)

3.       reinstall Microsoft Office 2010 32bit (or Visio 2010 32bit component only)

4.       reinstall Visionic 5.


Geoeye-2 Satellite almost ready to orbit

The high-resolution Earth-imaging satellite, capable of discerning objects on the Earth’s surface as small as 0.25-meter (9.75 inch) in size, known as GeoEye-2 is almost ready to start orbiting.  


Namely, Lockheed Martin will begin the integration of the satellite by the end of the month. The integration will be followed by installation and testing of satellite components, and hopefully, the project delivery at the beginning of 2012.


According to the Bill Schuster, GeoEye’s chief operating officer, the project is ahead of schedule.


However, people from the Lockheed Martin’s Space & Technology Center where the satellite has been manufactured, are to some extent cautious, since they still have a long way to go.


According to the Allen Anderson, GeoEye-2 program director, the completion of the propulsion system installation and the start of vehicle integration is a next critical step in this project.


Read more:


How to export Visionic macro to VBScript

It is often required to export recorded Visionic macros to the VBScript. This option can be useful in variety of situations. For example:


  • Allow your macros to be started from another process as command-line processes
  • Allows you to customize operations in the macros using VBScript language
  • Allows your macros to be started from a scheduled job (cron job) to periodically perform operations.


The export function is not a part of Visionic5, mostly because of the changing nature of the macro language as we know it. In the last days of Visionic4, the language has been rapidly expanded to include new instructions, such as looping through record set and similar. These new features blocked the existing “Export to VBScript” functionality.

In this blog, you can download The process is very simple and can be done in the following way:

Unzip all files into the single directory and then from the command prompt execute this command:

cscript.exe export_macro.vbs //nologo “<full path to compiled MDB file>” “<macro name>” >macro.vbs

In the command line above, replace the following:

Replace what

<full path to compiled MDB file> C:\Users\John\Documents\Visionic Projects\Demo1\ini_files\database\demo1.mdb
<macro name> Name of existing / already recorded macro. If macro name has space(s) in the name, surround it with quotes.


Once the script is exported, open the generated VBS file in a file editor. As you can see the macro is “embedded” in the sub called “RunMacro”. At the top of the code there is initialization routine for the parameters; you can change this instruction to provide macro parameters from command line or similar.

The macro can be run with the command:

cscript macro.vbs

The constants on the top of the resulting VBS file dictate the IP address of the server (whether the server is on local machine or not).

Once exported, the macro can be manually updated as necessary. Feel free to change macro’s code and experiment with the VisApp object (source of which is at the end of the file).


It is indeed a great pleasure to invite you for a friendly gathering and a launch of our new product, Visionic 5.

It is intended to introduce you to our new software solution, and to provide an opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues from the industry.

The event is scheduled for 7:00 pm. September 11, 2011 at the meeting room of the Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel.

The hotel is situated in Amsterdam’s business district, right by the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Center:


Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel
Europaboulevard 10



Tel (+31)20/7219179

Fax (+31)20/6462823


The welcome drink and appetizers are available from 7:00 pm. and the product presentation is scheduled from 8:00 pm. to 10:00 pm.


Please confirm your presence since the number of invitations is limited.

We are looking forward to see you there.


Visionic5 upgrade – Outstanding features, integrated wizards, increased functionality AND 50% off

Visionic5 upgrade is ready, the question is: are you?

 With its outstanding new features, intergraded wizards and a range of tools, Visionic5 will become your one and only partner in day-to-day business, sufficient to handle more than you can imagine.

 It is not only M&C solution anymore; it is a skillful guide for novices, playground for experienced operators and reliable associate for engineers.

 Intorel Visionic solutions have always been designed to support your business and allow you to get the most out of your investment. Keeping up the same tradition, Intorel has decided to reduce the price of Visionic 5 upgrade to only 50% of the original price you paid for your Visionic system. Regardless of the Visionic version installed in your organization (Visionic 1, 2, 3 or 4), you can now upgrade to the most recent edition available, Visionic5.

This one-of-a kind offer is available only until 15th of December 2011 and represents a unique opportunity to get up to date with your company’s software.

As always, Intorel is more than happy to address all your questions and concerns. For further information, please contact


Visionic 5 – affordable and amazing

After a careful analysis of M&C market, Intorel came up with a solution suitable for everyone – in a true sense of the word, since Visionic5 now comes in three different editions, aimed at three different segments.

, full version as we know it, aimed at large telecom systems.  Visionic5 Professional is capable of supporting unlimited number of devices.

·         Visionic Spectrum Analyzer included

·         One license per one Visionic server/per one computer where the system is executed

·         Microsoft Visio NOT included

, a perfect solution for small and medium sized M&C systems for satellite and broadcast centers. This solution supports up to 7 devices. The price includes Visionic Frontline Package and additional device driver at additional cost.

·         One license per one Visionic server/per one computer where the system is executed

·         Microsoft Visio NOT included

specially tailored to suit the VSAT and SNG budget, designed to support small systems with up to 7 devices. 

·         Local GUI client only + remote control from Visionic HUB station

·         One license per one Visionic server/per one computer where the system is executed

·         Preconfigured schema delivery

·         Designer not included

·         Volume discount available

·         Visionic Engineering Services included


This is not the only surprise that comes with the improved licensing model. Product licensing is now software-based and does not require use of HASP keys. Number of clients per M&C server is unlimited, and includes bot design and runtime license. The price is calculated based on number of devices, not device drivers, allowing you to determine your budget without surprises. Auto-backup, macros, EIRP displays and text displays are free of charge.


Visionic5 – better by the minute!

Intorel deveopment team has no rest these days, they are being creative, inspired and hardworking. They set their minds on a single goal – make Visionic5 better than ever!


Visionic Starter

The complete Visionic is now started with one icon, from one place. This is the central place for all Visionic projects. It organizes operator’s and designers tasks into one place. Shortcut icons for all Visionic tasks and frequently used utilities are here.

Project organization

All Visionic5 projects are stored under single directory with the file structure compatible with previous versions. This organization allows easier project management and backup/restore operations.

Server settings in one place

The server settings, including SNMP templates and MODBUS settings, are now within the project. Because of this, the setup time for new computer with the same project is now minimized and simplifier. No more registry settings.


The projects are now organized in a single My Documents\ directory. The project’s subdirectory structure include all settings, drivers and files required to run Visionic5 clients/servers or remote Visionic4 clients.

Changes made easy

The engineers can make the minor (or major) changes easy with Visionic5 system. The Visio file is now always present on the server; thus system can be changed from the server easily. It is now also easy to take the complete snapshot of the system (in a single .VZ file) and restore it on the design workstation. All the settings, in the exact version as on the server, are there instantly.

Project transfer between machines = simple as copying a file

The project transfer between design and runtime computer is now simplified. Instead of creating setups, the designed exports the project into a .VZ file. This file is then opened (imported) on the target server and all project’s settings are instantly available.

Making the changes with confidence

Making changes on the project is now easier with Visionic5. First the operator can take the snapshot (e.g. export the project) into a file on a flash drive. This snapshot gives the confidence that the project can later be restored, no matter what happens.

Restoring Visionic computers

Sometimes computers crash, with irreparable HD or similar damage. With new Visionic5, the new computer is installed with ease; backup computers and spares for any system can be prepared in advance. The operator action is now reduced to importing a single file and running the system as it was before.

Easily upgrade previous versions

The new Visionic5 has the import feature; which will import the Visionic server settings into the Visionic5 project. The procedure is simplified and generally it involves recompiling the Visio schematic with the new Visionic5 compiler.

Server changes

The new Visionic5 server is rewritten to harness the power of the multicore computers. The device drivers are further isolated; by default they run in separate process and address space from the central server. The result is overall increase of the performances of the system.

New .NET web server

Each Visionic5 station now serves its own content, via web browser. This allows remote operators to access the system via web browser, install and run the client on the Windows computer or see trends and events on the system in a given time period.

Server console

The server now exposes most frequently used functions via HTTP and GUI console programs. The server console allows writing batch programs to start your customized Visionic system.

Logging engine

The logging of events in Visionic5 now uses SQLite database as its native format. The logs are stored for up to one year in circular database files. The new logging engine also improves reading performance. The events are now also exposed via XML and/or JSON requests to the server.

Alarm engine

The new server-based alarm engine allows centralized management of all alarms in the system. This means that all alarms are now created on the server. The new system offers better performance and better management of alarms.

Backward compatible with the scripts

The new Visionic5 is still compatible with custom scripts written for Visionic4 servers. This minimizes the overall transfer time from Visionic4 to Visionic5 systems.

Device drivers

The new generation of device drivers has been recompiled to support new features of Visionic5 server. The access to hardware layer of the computer (via TCP/IP, UDP or serial ports) is now further improved and two devices from different drivers can now share access to the same resource in timely fashion.

SNMP Device Driver

The new SNMP device driver can each run in its separate process, allowing fast SNMP polling on separate networks with few SNMP nodes. The new driver also now supports internal variables that are not transferred to the client.

Integrated RRDVisLogger

The logging and trending solutions of the previous Visionic versions are now incorporated into one, new version of the RRDVisLogger application. The new logging application is now fully integrated into the Visionic5 runtime.

Design changes

All system designers are now concentrated onto one place and accessed from the Visionic starter.

Office tab interface

Almost all design and runtime editors now include Office-like tab bar instead of menu bars. This makes programs easier to use and leaner learning curve.

Macro editor

The new, fresh, macro editor has new, modern user interface that shortens the editing time of the macro. The XML access to the macro sources is also included. The designer can now edit and test the macros with ease and confidence.

Tag editor

This editor now works only locally and allows defining and setting up tags in the system.

Actions editor

With the all-new GUI editor it is easier than ever to enter conditions and test and transfer between these conditions between projects.

SNMP Device Editor

The designer can now change MIB-imported enumerated values directly from the editor, for the particular project.


What’s new in Visionic5

Visionic5 development is in the full swing and it will be out on the market before you now it.

In the meantime, you can take a look at the list of the most amazing features available in Visionic5.

We have prepared numerous surprises, both regarding the Visonic5 functionality and the licensing model.

There are four different editions of Visionic5, prepared to suit different types and sizes of organization. Regardless of the size of your budget, you WILL be able to afford it.

At the end, it is all for you – customers.

Details about news in Visionic5  can be found here: whats-new-in-visionic5.pdf

Intorel new brochure – strike 2

Being always keen on doing things in different way, even if it is a simple change of color or design, Intorel decided to launch a new design for its latest brochure.

This time, we are going black. Some may consider it as an improvement, others might prefer the previous version, it is all up to you.

Now you can choose.

So, if you like our new, daring brochure, you will LOVE our software. It is powerful, original and definitely redefines the boundaries of M&C development.

Do not hesitate, take a look, it is available right here: intorel-portfolio-black.pdf

The new version of framework agreement

The new version of Intorel’s framework agreement is already sent to some of our clients.

The new FA is written and aimed at large corporations, such as SES and other industry giants. It is written in a formal manner, it is strictly structured, but easy to read and follow.

The aim of this document is to provide a detailed insight in support and maintenance services proposed by Intorel. Among other, it contains detailed description of Intorel hot line, e-mali support, on site consultancy and web services.

If you are curious to find out more, contact our sales department by telephone: (+352) 26 37 05 01 or e-mail: